Fact Book

We are pleased to present the electronic edition of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Fact Book. The Fact Book is designed to provide a convenient source of information on many aspects of UNL. It provides general answers to questions that frequently arise. Those interested in a more complete breakdown of information or in further analysis should contact the Office of Institutional Research, Analytics and Decision Support.

Fact Book, 2016-2017

(10 MB, 126 pgs)
Fact Book, 2016-2017

Award History

For space purposes, the Awards Section in the Fact Book (above) lists award winners from the last five years.  If you would like a more complete list, the following document may be helpful: Award History (36 pgs).

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Prior 2003-2004 Fact Book Pages
Several miscellaneous and older Fact Book pages remain (primarily from the 1990s and early 2000s), and have been assembled into one PDF document (3 MB, 114 pgs).